Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my thanksgiving tradition.

i think i already mentioned that i'm one of those crazies who can not only recite almost every line of every friends episode, but i can also relate it to pretty much everything in life.  i know, crazy.  luckily, my sister and my best friend from college are the same (i wouldn't want to feel alone in this)!  

so even if you were just a casual friends viewer, you might know that each season's thanksgiving episode was a really big deal in the friends-universe.  sure there were christmas and halloween and wedding (so many weddings!  oh, ross...) episodes, but you always knew that thanksgiving was going to be one of the best of the year.  no wonder that 3 of my favorite episodes of all time are - you guessed it - thanksgiving ones.  
my tradition?  i rewatch all 10 thanksgiving-themed episodes throughout thanksgiving week.  need a little refresher on them?  i'd be delighted to share!

{"the one where underdog got away," season 1, nov. 17, 1994}

{"the one with the list," season 2, nov. 16, 1995} 

{"the one with the football," season 3, nov. 21, 1996}

{"the one with chandler in a box," season 4, nov. 20, 1997}

{"the one with all the thanksgivings," season 5, nov. 15, 1998}

{"the one where ross got high," season 6, nov. 25, 1999}

{"the one where chandler doesn't like dogs," season 7, nov. 23, 2000}

{"the one with the rumor," season 8, nov. 1, 2001}

{"the one with rachel's other sister," season 9, nov. 22, 2002}

{"the one with the late thanksgiving," season 10, nov. 20, 2003}

so which land on my overall "favorites" list?  that'd be seasons 3, 6, and 8.  season 8's "the one with the rumor" would be the famous brad pitt episode, which i admit now makes me a little sad (team jen!).  enjoy it below: 


does anyone else have this same tradition?!  or just me again? ;)

xo. di.

*all images via ew


  1. I LOVE friends, too!! I can't repeat the words and get confused on which episode was which...but I don't care, cause it was all good! Thanks for posting the video. Great memories:)

  2. This is the BEST Thanksgiving tradition, ever!

  3. Oh, I completely relate to the Friends obsession! But of course, we already established that we both have the long-running tradition of watching at least one episode every night. Ha!

    I think my favorites are between The One Where Ross Got High (love the bloopers from that one, with Ross and Joey and Rachel's cobbler) and The One With the Rumor. Brad is hilarious in that one, and I love Phoebe's reactions and interactions with him. These episodes are all so iconic. (:


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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