Thursday, October 7, 2010


i am so happy today.  as you are reading this, i am in hogsmeade...

yes, that hogsmeade!  

well, the one at the wizarding world of harry potter, anyway.  

but that's good enough for me!

i'm here with the bf.  we got in last night and are here through the weekend.  and that makes me...

... you guessed it ...


just like these images do!  

i promise to take LOTS of pictures and to share some of them with you all.  

do i have other harry potter fans amongst my readers?!  
any of you go to the theme park already?!

xo. di.

image 1 via the bottom of the laundry basket, image 2 via pandora, image 3 via home sweet home, image 4 via fashiontoast, image 5 via flickr, image 6 via blue pool road, image 7 via wet behind the ears, image 8 via floralsandstripes


  1. I can't wait to hear all about it! I'm going in December and all I want to do is drink some Butterbeer!!!

  2. aaaawwww! how lovely!! now I am happy too :)

    I am a fan too :)

    xx Anika

  3. Aww, how fun! Have a lovely time, dear. I used to be completely in love with Harry Potter, but I lost track of the last couple of books. The third was my favorite, and I loved the first two books and movies. Everything was so whimsical and exciting!

  4. misslivviebelle - you will have the BEST time. i'll be posting a review starting tomorrow, so look for that!

    anika - i'm so glad those images made you happy as well :)

    casee marie - you just must finish the series, my dear! the 3rd book is my absolute favorite as well, imagine that!

  5. Hi! I just started reading your blog and Harry Potter caught my eye in your tags! I'm a HUGE HP fan. I have the robe, the wand, everything! :D

  6. hi brittany! welcome to the blog! did you read thru my reviews of the harry potter world at universal? if not, you should i think you'll love it!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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