Friday, September 10, 2010

things i heart: catstudio

"things i heart" is my new friday series on the blog.  hope you enjoy!

after i posted the picture below of kleine schwester and her fiance andy with their engagement present, i received some questions on the blog and on facebook about where to get the awesome "michigan" pillow they were holding.  well, let me introduce you to catstudio! (p.s. today is one of those days where the spacing of the post looks way better if you click over to the blog rather than reading it in a reader!)

catstudio displays countries, states, cities, regions, resorts, and national parks...

on pillows...

on dish towels...

and drinking glasses...

i personally own the chicago glass AND pillow.  have to have a little adopted-city pride!  fun little game: no one can ever seem to find da bears "c"; can you?!  

and the best part?  catstudio is martha-approved!
from the july 2010 martha stewart living editor's page

xo. di. 
*all images from, last image from catstudio's blog 


  1. I found da Bears "C"! Tricky. Love this stuff, and of course first heard of it from you. Just saw a bunch of their cute things in a Saugatuck store over the weekend! Really want the Chicago glasses.

  2. hahahaha you win the prize for finding the "c": a cyber hug! hehe.

  3. Diane, I think I have completely fallen for your blog. You are sharing such really cool things... and I"m realizing how out of the loop I was! geez.

  4. aw thanks for the compliment, katie! so pleased you like it )


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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