Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fall 2010 tv preview: round 1

um, it just dawned on me that the natural outlet for my previously documented love of tv is a discussion of the new season of shows.  (dirty-blonde moment over here.)  i'm a little late on this week's, but for the next couple of weekends look for a post covering the upcoming week's premieres.  note: i'm not covering everything, just the shows i watch myself and would like to recommend to you all. 

so, for the week of september 12-18, here's what we've got:

 {gossip girl, season 4, the cw, mondays}
i hated last may's season finale and swore i wouldn't watch this season, but their pr team and the leaked paris pictures (and a trailer that included a not-dead-in-prague-chuck) brought me back.  for now.  as i was watching the season premiere last night (yes, again, i'm running behind on this, sorry!), i realized that i actually dislike a bunch of the characters and i sit there mocking most of what's going on, but maybe that's the fun in watching?!  maybe?  plus the fashion.  anyone else in LOVE with lily's dress from the fashion's night out event?!  gimme gimme!

{parenthood, season 2, nbc, tuesdays}
people whose opinions i respect kept telling me to watch this show when it premiered last winter, but i was super overwhelmed with tuesday shows then (with the triple whammy of dancing with the stars results, glee, and LOST), so i told myself i'd catch-up on season 1 in the summer.  well that didn't exactly happen, blockbuster online has a "very long wait" for it to ship, so all i've seen are the 2 episodes that aired this past saturday night.  that was enough for me to figure out a lot of what was going on, and i am most definitely intrigued enough to watch the season 2 premiere tonight.  the way it spans through 3 generations almost makes it the drama version of modern family.  i'd also compare it to brothers & sisters, another well done family drama. 

{survivor: nicaragua, season 21, cbs, wednesdays}
i still can't believe i got hooked back on this show.  i hadn't watched since the very first season, when "reality tv" was the newest catchphrase around, richard hatch was america's favorite villain, and everyone in the country was watching.  After that, even though it continued to be one of (if not the) most-watched show on television (still don't know how, really), i didn't know anyone who watched.  but then, the bf (who was actually not yet the bf!), forced me to watch last season's all-stars, and here we are.  ok, he didn't force me to, but he wouldn't accept my conclusion that the show was "irrelevant" until i gave it another chance; so we struck a deal: i'd watch survivor if he watched the last season of LOST.  and guess what?  we both ended up being obsessed with both.  who didn't see that one coming...

 {it's always sunny in philadelphia, season 6, fx, thursdays} 
if you consider yourself a "cool kid," you already know how funny this show is.  there are really no words to describe the absurdity of this show.  just watch.  but you have to not get offended very easily.  and you probably have to be inclined to younger humor.  but a show like this is why i get mad at the emmys.  this is arguably the funniest show currently on television, and yet not once in its previous 5 seasons has it even been nominated for best comedy.  crazy talk.     

 {the league, season 2, fx, thursdays}
follows always sunny - so just keep watching!  the sophomore comedy follows a group of friends and the ridiculousness that can surround a fantasy football league.  a couple of the guys are lawyers, and the show takes place in chicago, and i always like that little bonus.  the first season got funnier with each episode, and i'm hoping that trend continues now that they're comfortable with what works.  why anyone who's in a fantasy league or even anyone who likes football isn't watching this is beyond me, but you also don't have to appreciate the nfl to find this show lol-funny.  the ratings weren't awesome last season, but i'm really glad fx decided to give it another chance to get an audience.  

one final show!  because i missed them completely last week and i just love it:
{the vampire diaries, season 2, the cw, thursdays}
 i wasn't so sure about vamp dis (do other people use this abbreviation?  or just my friends?!) when it premiered last fall.  it just felt like such a twilight-wannabe.  but it grew into not only a guilty pleasure, but a pretty well done show - with some very attractive eye candy as a [major] bonus!  pretty sure i'd watch anything with ian somerhalder (previously my long lost love boone on LOST), but i really recommend this show for more than just him!

have any favorites returning i missed?!  love (or hate!) any of the shows i mentioned?!  feel free to suggest others in the comments!

xo. di.


  1. I'm really looking forward to Parenthood tonight! It's so nice to have some new shows on!

  2. Also wanted to say that I really like your new header!

  3. i really liked parenthood's premiere! as an FNL fan the addition of minka kelly is always welcomed :)

    and THANKS so much! glad you like the header

  4. You know, I gave up on GG sometime in the second season, I think. I couldn't stand Jenny. I really loved Vamp Dis (I've never heard that abbreviation before, btw, but I like it) last year, though I didn't get to finish the season. I fell behind somewhere and never got caught up. :(

    I usually watch House, Fringe, Law & Order: SVU (loved the original, still can't believe it was canceled), Castle, Lie to Me, NCIS, NCIS: LA, The Mentalist (obviously I like my crime dramas), Supernatural, 30 Rock and The Office. But I'm quite behind on a lot of them. A full season behind on the last three, actually. I'm curious about Hawaii 5-0 because I've been following Alex O'Loughlin's CBS career over the years (Moonlight, Three Rivers). Oh, and every year I mean to catch up on Dexter (I've only seen a bit of the first season). It looks like such an interesting show!

  5. ugh, casee marie, i agree: jenny is THE WORST. and she's only gotten more awful since season 2 i'm afraid. i cringe whenever she comes on the screen. like i said above, i kind of hate a lot of the characters, lol.

    SVU used to be a must-watch for me (i have a girl crush on olivia benson), but truth be told it was giving me nightmares (i'm a wimp) and i was getting scared all the time walking around the city at night, soooo i had to take a break from it. i miss her and stabler.

  6. Oh, I know what you mean about SVU! That's why I always loved the original a bit more, it was usually less intent on scaring the pants off the viewer. At one point they moved SVU up an hour (it may have been last year, I'm not sure) and for a while it felt a little lighter. But it definitely found its way back to scary town again. Benson and Stabler are some of my fave characters on TV, for sure. (:

  7. you're right! original law & order was more about the courtroom than the terifying killers. ohhhh well!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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