Wednesday, September 29, 2010

beautiful girls.

i've probably discussed my love of mad men too much already, but i couldn't let september 20th's episode entitled the beautiful girls go by unmentioned, because something pretty awesome is being shown to us through this show.

if a picture is worth a thousand words, well then let's try 3:

for those who don't watch the show (and even for those who do), here's what we're looking at:

"Look at their differences and what each outfit is saying about them. They are all three career women in their own way. Faye [right] has arguably worked the hardest out of all of them to get where she is, since she pursued an advanced education. Her look is the most business-like of all. Peggy [middle] wandered into her career and found that she both loved it and was good at it. She's still a bit wide-eyed about what it means on both a personal level and an ethical one. She is dressed the most youthful; the most "girly." Joan [left] used her looks to make her way and now that the world considers her looks outdated, she's struggling and possibly falling back into old romantic habits. She is dressed the most...romantically, is the word we'd use. Swirling florals of pinks and purples that hint at her confusion and the depth of her feelings."
- from tom and lorenzo's the beautiful girls mad style recap

the pictures above were the final shots in the beautiful girls, and these images pretty succinctly tell the story of women making their way in the world: circa 1965 and all that that implies.  this show has slowly unfolded, through fashion, through subtle moments and conversations, into a story of how we got to be who we (ya know, women!) are, and considered equal (usually), in 2010.  and i love mad men for showing it to me in such an intriguing, somewhat sad, but always beautiful way.

"They could have turned to each other in this moment and talked about what they know and what they've seen. They could learn from each other and support each other but they don't live in a time where such an idea was articulated and they didn't have the tools to do so. Each of them forged a path in their career using very different tools, but it's separated them from the very women who could best understand them and most help them out when they have a problem. Instead they stare straight ahead, lost in their thoughts and themselves."
- from tom and lorenzo's the beautiful girls episode recap

on that note, and just for fun:

"female psychology: We want to be Joan, fear being Mrs. Blankenship, 
and deep down inside, are Peggy."
-via @screaminemmy's twitter

xo. di.

p.s. for mad men fans, i highly recommend tom and lorenzo's style and episode recaps.  they add so much to the mad men experience!

*image via tom and lorenzo  


  1. One can never have enough Mad Men! (BTW, so happy to introduce you to that illustrated book! I hope you enjoy it.) This scene was so moving in just that quiet way Mad Men has. The show stays true to the realities of the age, which only makes the experience of watching even richer. The elevator moment made such a statement about all the changes the women were going through. Amazing.


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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