Tuesday, August 31, 2010

where i blog.

 wow, 3 posts in 1 day?  i don't know what got into me!  but i just found centsational girl's "where do you blog? party," and i thought it'd be fun to join in.  so...

sometimes i blog here:
my bedroom desk

and sometimes here...
 dining room table.

and of course sometimes i'm just on my couch being lazy!  be sure to check out the party at centsational girl, and if you're blogger, join in!

xo. di.


  1. What fun! I would love to do this, but I'm in the middle of a move so most of the time I blog from a very old and rather unattractive fluffy chair. Hm.

    I love your desk! It looks so organized and with so many personal elements. Your view is very pretty, too. I get to look out onto a parking lot, yay!

  2. It's good to find another mobile blogger. I love how your desk top has is covered with photos and inspiration!


  3. I love your desk with all your fun pics and bits of inspiration! Your dining room I see needs to get in on the action and that way you are closer to the coffee, I hear ya! Nice to find you, I'm a new follower!

    Come on by my blog, 1funkywoman.blogspot


  4. well thanks, guys! the desk is from ikea and i absolutely love getting to put my bits of inspiration under there. helps keep me going when i'm working on something i'd rather not do (was a real life-saver during law school!)

  5. Ooooh I love your desk...it's so glamorous and modern chic!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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