Friday, August 20, 2010

things i heart: cold cream.

"things i heart" is my new friday series on the blog.  hope you enjoy.

oh boy, am i going to get made fun of for this one...  but with mad men's recent focus group meltdowns,

 and fairly-heated exchanges between peggy and freddie rumsen on the subject, 

i can't resist admitting to you all that it might be 2010, but i have been using pond's cold cream since i was a little girl.

my mom has used it for as long as i can remember (and likely before that!).  i first started using it at dance recitals and competitions to remove the stage make-up, so when i began wearing make-up on a daily basis, i didn't think twice about continuing to use this little product to remove make-up residue after washing my face.  works like a charm!

and then i hit college, and my girlfriends would die laughing every time i pulled out my "grannie" cream (and they still do to this day!); but i tell you what, i haven't found a better (not to mention cheaper!) way to take off the waterproof mascara i wear every day.  
and although nothing about its recent appearance on mad men has made it hipper to use (seeing as how apparently it was considered "old" in the 1960s, epic fail!), i have a feeling i'll be using cold cream til they stop making it. 

but just to clarify, dr. faye miller, it's so not to catch a husband

{feminism fail!}

{if he had his way, i wonder if don would have made something like this instead?}

i heart cold cream, it's as simple as that.  feel free to openly mock my old-fashioned ways, it's standard operating procedure at this point ;)

but - don't be afraid to try it either!  i honestly don't know how anyone goes without it. 

xo. di.

**ps i think it's important i say i received ZERO compensation or anything free for this post.  if i ever do, i will always tell you guys.  but with pond's?  that's pure love!


  1. I totally wont make fun of you for using it... if you find a routine or product that works, you have to stick with it! Why mess up a good thing?!?!

    How do you use cold cream? You wash your face first, then apply it, and wipe it off? (Silly, I know. But, I'm confused...)

  2. Ahhh, too funny! Well I'm addicted to Vasoline for lip gloss and that's pretty old school too! Love the old ads you found!

  3. haha, thanks for the support, ladies!

    amy v - i apologize for not explaining better: yes, i first wash my face. then, apply cold cream to make-up residue around the eyes. finally, wipe it off with a tissue and make-up is gonzo!

    "she's busy. yet she's beautiful. she uses pond's!" hehe.

  4. I might just have to go get some Ponds Cold Cream and give it a try! Who needs Don Draper (except for his good looks!), you sold me on it! :)

  5. Diane, my mom used Ponds to cleanse her face INSTEAD of using soap and she had ZERO WRINKLES at age 70... so..... nuff said ! :)

  6. you have convinced me - I am going to try it!

    but i also have to comment on how revolting peggy is to me. her actions, and her hair really terrify me!

  7. hi, just found your blog and love it! putting you on my blogroll, and would love for you to surf over to mine!
    <3 Anika

  8. oh i'm so thrilled you ladies want to try it out! feel free to come back and comment once you have. hope you like it as much as i do :)

  9. Your post reminds me of how much I used to love Cold Cream! I also discovered it because it was the only thing that would get that nasty stage makeup off, and used it until junior year of college, when one of my roommates convinced me to switch to makeup remover. Thing is, it doesn't work nearly as well as Cold Cream did. I'm picking some up on my way home from work tonight!

  10. You remember your mother using Ponds......Have you forgotten about your Aunt Kate who probably bought the first jar sold?


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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