Tuesday, August 31, 2010

red carpet: emmys 2010

confession: i am an awards show junkie.  always have been, always will be.  the academy awards are the gold standard, sure, but as an avid tv watcher, i have a special interest in the emmys. 

sure, i often disagree with the winners, like when they go for the popular-over-the-better-made critically-acclaimed shows (looking at you, charlie sheen/2 and a half men (sorry!)), but this year?  the academy finally recognized kyle chandler and connie britton for friday night lights, modern family won best comedy, and mad men deservedly won best drama for the third straight year.  yay!

ok blah blah diane loves tv blah blah blah.  get to the good stuff, right? ok, ok, the fashion.  i always like to save the best for last, so, first:

the worst...
anna paquin (sookie stackhouse of true blood).  congrats on marrying bill compton last week, but...no. 
naya rivera (santana of glee)  she is gorgeous.  this look is not.
lea michele (rachel berry of glee).  this was a hard one for me.  there were elements of this look i loved, but the deliberately uneven fabric on the chest tipped the scale toward worst. 
christina hendricks (joan holloway-harris of mad men).  another hard one for me.  she rocks.  but the pale purple washes her out, and there are more flattering cuts for a curvy lady like ms. hendricks.
dianna argon (quinn fabray of glee) hair and make-up?  YES.  dress? no.  it's like scarlet o'hara meets victorian meets the old west or something.  it makes me sad.
 january jones (betty draper of mad men).  THE biggest hot mess of the night, hands down.  as i read on another blog: are those petrified coffee filters on her chest?  and the just rolled out of bed hair?  deny.  i love me some betty draper style, but it's almost as if she was trying to distance herself as much as possible from that look.  well, betty, i know you always get what you want (henry francis over don?  go ahead, take him.), but not here.  clean and simple means you = perfection.  stick to that.

and now, the best:
tina fey (liz lemon of 30 rock).  oh, my tina.  absolutely lovely.  the dress fits so well, and the hair is perfect.  liz lemon would be jealous.  blerg.
 connie britton (tami taylor of friday night lights).  again, absolutely THRILLED she was nominated.  you guys seriously need to watch friday night lights.  but, moving on, i have to say it: i love sequins, and all-sequin gowns get me every time (see: 3 other dresses below!).  connie looks radiant.
kelly osborne.  oh hello, kelly!  i didn't know you had it in you.  this dress is fabulous.  that is all.
kiernan shipka (sally draper of mad men).  so precious.  and age appropriate.  adorable.
 heather morris (brittany of glee).  what'd i tell you about the sequins?  heather. is. stunning.  i love everything.  everything.  everything.
jane lynch (sue sylvester of glee).  another funny glee gal on my best-dressed.  i'm so proud of her.  she looks so great, even without her signature track suit (hard to believe, i know)!
sarah hyland (haley dunphy of modern family).  love the smooth lines, love how grown-up she looks.  so pretty!
 jennifer carpenter (debra morgan of dexter).  oh hey, all sequins again.  weird.  and the hair and the one-shoulder? more of this, please!

now.  my favorite of the night.  and the award goes to...
claire danes (winner of best actress in a tv movie for temple grandin).  yes, there's the aforementioned sequins.  plus a perfect fit.  plus sun-kissed skin.  plus, i want this dress on me NOW.  this is so in my wheelhouse.  from the moment i saw it on nbc's emmy preshow, before i saw dozens of other actresses, i KNEW this would be my favorite.  it's that perfect.

and that concludes my 2010 emmys round-up.  until the golden globes...

xo. di.  

note: all of the above is simply my opinion, i know there are many different ideas where red carpet fashion is concerned. 

*sources: Tom & Lorenzo 1, 2, & 3, Capitol Hill Style Best & Worst, Television Without Pity Best & Worst


  1. Claire Danes- perfect! I agree w/ most of your worsts...besides Anna Paquin. I actually liked that look on her. January Jones was a mess. Gorgeous color dress though.

  2. what a fun post! i never have ever watched an award show, but i do love write ups on the fashion! thanks for sharing:)

  3. claire danes was absolutely PERFECT. That dress would be something I would wear if God let me and her hair and makeup were spot on. Totally agree with you. Plus, what I give her PROPS for totally is the lack of jewelry. So often you see pretty dresses like this and the dumb girl puts on a big necklace or giant earrings... let the dress do ALL the talking. Right claire??!! RIGHT !

  4. OH i'm so glad you all agree with most of my opinions :)

    but to each her own, of course!

  5. I agree so much with your choices! Kiernan Shipka is such a little doll, I can't even stand it. Her little poses and waves, just darling. The grown-up ladies of Mad Men need to take her advice! I remember January being interviewed once and she said she hates the clothes on the show, that she's always glad to be done filming so she can wear "current fashion" or some such thing. If that's current fashion she needs to just be Betty Draper all the time!

    And the Anna Paquin dress isn't a favorite, either, although it seems like everybody I know liked it. I love Alexander McQueen, but I feel like his work belongs in museums rather than red carpets.

  6. well said! january doesn't know what's good for her ;)

  7. Ooh, like all your best picks. Really pretty. And, I started watching Friday Night Lights and can't wait for the next season. Love the new header too, so cool!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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