Thursday, August 12, 2010

beach house.

after yesterday's coney island post, i got to thinking about what else august makes me think about.  and, well, i may not be from new york, but any sex and the city- or gossip girl-viewer worth the chanel she wishes she owned knows that august means . . .  

the hamptons.  

now, i've only been out there once myself, southampton to be exact, but i tell you what: i could get real comfortable there.

 this store could BE my home, i'd be fine with that!

the houses we admired from the beach were as wonderful and diverse as you would imagine... 

...but if i'm going to talk about hamptons beach houses, i must discuss my favorite of all time.  and that would be diane keaton's character erica's house in something's gotta give.  i have a feeling a good chunk of you readers have either seen the movie or seen pictures of the house, it's a favorite for pretty much everyone, but i can't resist sharing it here.

the front view.

let's start with the dining room.

on to the awesomely large kitchen.

and the great open floor plan of the living room.

erica's bedroom/study.

the glorious pool out back (which looks out over the ocean!).

and another exterior view.

pretty sure i wouldn't mind escaping to this house on the weekends...

"why do you only pick up the white ones?!"**
-harry (jack nicholson), to erica (diane keaton), something's gotta give

xo. di.  

*image 1-3 from my personal collection (and taken by kleine schwester), all other images of from hookedonhouses architectural digest and cotedetexas have also done great spreads on the house. 

**a favorite line in our family.  we love this movie.  a lot. 


  1. i saw this movie ages ago and now i need to go back and re-watch just to see the house!! fabulous post! it reminds me of the house in "it's complicated" which i think is by the same director!

    love your blog, i am following now!
    check mine out & follow suit :) :)


  2. so funny you said that - i just saw "it's complicated" a couple of weeks ago, and meryl's house totally reminded me of this one as well!! nancy meyers certainly has a type.


  3. uhhhhhh Diane, Im so sorry, but that house is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE EVER HOUSE IN A MOVIE !! I would not change a THING in it ! LOVE IT. :) and that is why I continue to play powerball........

  4. definitely my favorite as well. it's perfect. and if you win the powerball? you will have a frequent visitor whenever you want to or not! hahaha.

  5. Diane -

    I love that house too (and movie) too! Everything about it seems just about perfect.

    Thanks for your comment today - so glad you liked the pasta! It's one of my favorite meals! Yum.


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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