Thursday, July 29, 2010

all aboard.

so i've been thinking about sharing with you all my love of train travel for some time now, and then when i accidentally turned this into "1960s week" around here, i realized: trains were all the rage in the 60s...

so what am i waiting for?! 

let me back up a second: i don't have a car here in chicago, so when i go home to visit the family in michigan, i usually end up on an amtrak train.  it takes longer than it should, but that's mainly because people don't use trains like they used to, so the money isn't there anymore.  sad face.  

on my way back from my most recent trip, i decided to take a few pictures of the ride.  and since we're going for that vintage-y vibe today, i used a new program to turn my pictures into polaroids!  totally take a look at poladroid project if you like what you see (it's free!)  i am in love. 

i just think traveling by train is one of the most amazing ways to see this wonderful country of ours.   

if you have the opportunity to train it instead of driving some time, i hope you take it.  just give it a try!  the federal government (and many states!) are really trying to improve rail travel right now, and it's not going to happen unless we get on one and give it a shot!  um, plus?  you can bring your own alcohol on board with you, as someone else takes you to your destination.  just sayin'!   

bottle of wine & cheese as i see new parts of pure michigan?  oh yea, i'm on board (yup.  pun intended.  hehe.).

xo. di. 

*image 1, all other images from my personal collection (transferred into polaroids of course


  1. Love the old school looking pictures!! Part of me misses my easy little train ride back to GR! It's nice to relax and read and look out at the countryside. Have you tried the cheese and crackers tray on the train?? Oh my gosh, best snack ever. Carr's crackers and mini baybels!!

  2. Di, these "polaroids" are wonderful. (I'm also kind of expecting a tornado, maybe Bill Paxton, maybe also human-Elphaba on a bike to go with the photos of the barn.)

  3. Aw, love this post! My sister used to take the train from Michigan to visit me in Chicago (I've since moved to Nebraska - plenty of opportunities to see the country out here). I never had the chance to take the train, but these pictures give me an idea. Lovely!

    And your blog is perfectly wonderful, by the way. (:

  4. wow you guys, thanks so much for the sweet comments :)

    casee marie - welcome to the blog! so glad you like.


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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