Wednesday, May 26, 2010

summer tv preview.

so the sunshine might be one major indication that summer is definitely upon us, but you never know how long that lasts when you live in chicago, so a more accurate indicator might just be all the season (and series! goodbye LOST and 24...) finales going on around us.  our favorite shows are in hiatus: summer has arrived. 

sure, we've got our bachelorette back now...

 ...and like wipe-out or something like that, and whatever easy reality programming the networks have thrown together, but i'm much more excited about the fact that over the past couple of years they're actually trying for scripted shows in the summer months.  i love this trend. 

is anyone else intrigued by abc's new vampire show the gates?

yes, it might be terrible, and we might be on vampire overload right now, but i like that they're at least trying.

this summer also brings us the return of these favorites:
 season 3 was mad men's best yet.  i cannot wait for mid-july and season 4.
this is such a guilty pleasure show.  i love every minute.   
and the always amazing FNL is 4 episodes into its 4th (and so far i think maybe it's best) season on nbc.  

we can no longer complain that there's nothing to watch on tv in the summer.  well, ok, it's not as good as the rest of the year, but it's getting better, and we have to make room for some outdoor time during these fleeting summer months!

got any other summer tv favorites?

xo. di.  

p.s. the video for the gates won't show up in a reader - click over to the blog to watch!


  1. I am REALLY hoping for the return of Weeds this summer-love it. And P.S.- Glee + Gaga? Yes please! :)

  2. Are you watching the bachelorette? I don't know why but I'm not a huge fan of Ali, so I'm boycotting the show this season, I'll probably give in, in a few weeks here, haha. I never watched FNL before but it looks so good that I started recording a few episodes so I could get into it. Good stuff! Do you watch Parenthood? So hooked on that show! But I think it will be ending for the season soon...

  3. oh yes, i should have mentioned that glee is still new, shannon - you're right! but not sure how much longer that'll last....

    ali was my favorite on jake's season, so they sucked me back in for another round (although the premiere on monday definitely left me underwhelmed, so we'll see how this goes!).

    i'm thinking of catching up on parenthood before season 2 - i couldn't fit it in this spring! the finale's this week i do believe.

  4. ps can't recommend Friday Night Lights enough - one of the best shows currently on TV :)

  5. Royal Pains on USA=amazing!!It was the #1 original series in 2009 also Drop Dead Diva on lifetime, you would love it!

    They both start the first week of June, Check your local listings!!! :)

  6. OH yes those were your faves last summer, eh?


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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