Monday, April 12, 2010

the one with the...

monica: i'm just thinking about how it's the end of an era.
rachel: oh. alright. but you know, i don't think 6 years counts as an era.
monica:  an era is defined as a significant period of time.  it was significant for me, maybe it wasn't significant to you!
 little j and me at last year's law school "barrister's ball"

my roomie (of almost 4 years!) little j left yesterday for a job in michigan.  while we won't be fully moving out of our place for a couple more months, it's still the end of an era.  worst. 
 i swear we've never done this 

rachel: i mean, it's the end of an era!
monica: i KNOW.

 little j and me - burt lake, mi 2009.  how's this for emo?!

i might be one of those people who can apply friends to any situation in life.  i said might. but i'm clearly kidding myself.

xo. di.
ps good luck on day 1 of the new job, little j! 


  1. frownies all around town.

    on another note, i feel like i should get paid for my photography skills. :)

  2. haha of course. i tip my hat to you, friend.

  3. shhh you're not supposed to tell ppl that ;)


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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