Thursday, April 8, 2010

jump the shark.

... is one of my favorite phrases. i learned of its existence back in high school, and now i love picking out the moments in tv shows where they jump. the. shark.

not familiar with its meaning, you say?  well, its origin dates back to happy days, on that fateful episode where the fonz, while waterskiing, literally jumped over some sharkey-sharkeys (that one's for you, little j!), all while wearing his customary leather jacket.  oh, henry winkler.

                            lol wut?  

since then, "jumping the shark" has meant the moment in a show where they just went too far and became a bit of a hot mess (spotted: another favorite phrase!).  for example, many people believe friends jumped the shark when rachel and joey got together for like 3 episodes during seasons 9/10.  such thoughts are sacrilege in my family, but there is a compelling argument for it, i'm afraid.  

gossip girl, meanwhile, has jumped the shark so many times we should come up with another name for what they do.   and yet, i'm still addicted.

 i still heart you, nate archibald.  call me!  
grey's anatomy...i stopped watching after izzie starting talking to dead denny.  sorry, but that jumped the shark.

      i loved denny too, but come. on.

you get the idea now, don't you?!  i now apply this phrase to everyday life.  have too many cocktails last night?  you might have jumped the shark.  overreacted to a situation?  you jumped the shark.  i probably use this phrase too frequently actually, meaning i jumped the shark on using "jumped the shark."  that's what you call a fail.  

xo. di.

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